Preface * GOD backs up HIS WORD *
because HE PROMISED to
FORGIVE SIN Matthew 12:28-37
with the shed blood of HIS own
SON Mark 14:24 ***


YOUR TONGUE * Idolatry Mark 1:15

Is set on fire of HELL/DEATH James 3:6 *** YOU give YOUR mouth to evil * YOUR tongue frameth deceit/death Psalms 50:19-21

Out of YOUR heart flow the issues of YOUR life/the living dead Proverbs 4:23 *** ONLY fools despise wisdom and instructions Proverbs 1:7 *** Yet reproof of instructions are the WAY OF * LIFE Proverbs 6:23 ***


And in the old testament HE/GOD destroyed evil/evil doers * even whole cities of evil doers/THE UNGODLY ***

Those who loved DARKNESS John 3:19/EFFEMINATE * abusers of themselves with mankind * etc. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 ***

Understand Now/tract 10 of this website

The WORD OF GOD John 1:1-14/ JESUS CHRIST died for the ungodly/YOU *** That through HIS resurrection from the dead HE/THE NEW TESTAMENT might give * YOU life/eternal life Revelations 22:1-17 ***

WITH REASON 2 Peter 2:12-14
What HAPPENED when did it happen? * YOU were made with a measure of faith Romans 12:3 *** And created with TALENTS Matthew 25: 14-30 of a holy nature when brought forth in YOUR MOTHERS womb Hebrews 12:9 *** DRAWN by the SPIRIT OF CHRIST to have power over serpents * scorpions * and ALL the power of the enemy of man/satan ***

WITH REASON Ecclesiastes 1 * 2* 3 * 4
YOU were created a spirit Genesis 1 * to subdue the earth *** made above animals * to subdue/lord over the fowl of the air * the fish of the sea * and the beast of the fields ***

YOU were created a BEING/HUMAN with a BRAIN/reason * a mind with authority * A WILL/POWER to rule your life *

AND YOU GAVE IN/GAVE UP Matthew 7: 14-23
YOUR birthright to demon spirits Revelations 17:1-6 which DRAW YOU THROUGH LUST 1 John 2:16 to be SENSUAL James 3:15 * Jude 19 with animals * to incest with YOUR kin/blood relations * and with YOUR same sex * male to male and female to female 2 Timothy 3:1-7 ***

MOST PEOPLE find they have enough to DEAL WITH in a WHOLESOME lifestyle ***

YET * 1 Peter 2:11

YOU bring adultery * fornication 1 Thessalonians 4:3 * blasphemy * ungodliness * unrighteousness * CORRUTION to its DEPTH *** Matthew 24: 48-51 * Romans 1:18-32 *** YOU ARE A SERVANT/prisoner of SIN/spirit of satan *** YOU gave in * to evil spirits conforming yourself/MIND to a lifestyle LOWER than animals *** to BEASTOLOGY/sex with animals * EVEN THEY MUST WONDER ABOUT YOU *** UNATURAL ACTS/effections with animals AND MANKIND ***


YOU ask for it * YOU wanted it * YOU let YOUR guard down *** To know how it would be * NOW YOU ARE SNARED ***

NOW YOU understand/see the powers of darkness/lusts * control of the demon spirits within YOUR MIND and EMOTIONS tormenting you to do otherwise UNTHINKABLE ACTS ***

ACTS which are causing YOU to break the laws of nature * the laws of man * and the law of CHRIST which will put YOU IN HELL with satan to be tormented forever Ephesians 6:16 ***

Do you want to get up? * Surely YOU are still in THERE/of to have the PRESENCE OF A RIGHT MIND to make a CONSTRUCTIVE decision ***

Hope of enough CONSCIENCE to recover YOURSELF in the PEACE of THE PEACEMAKER/YES ONLY CHRIST * THE SPIRIT OF HIS WORD can help deliver YOU * NOW ***

Because the god YOU serve hates YOU * because YOU * YES YOU were created in the image of THE ONLY TRUE GOD of love * SPIRIT * and light John 3:16 ***
YET John 8:32

YOU * EVEN YOU CAN BE FREE * IF YOU use THE WORD OF GOD/CHRIST against the devil *** YES * even JESUS had-to-use-the-WORD-OF-GOD * against satan ***

Learn it for YOURSELF * ASK and YOU shall receive * SEEK and YOU shall find * KNOCK and it shall be OPENED UNTO YOU Luke 11:2-13

Do YOU still choose * Joshua 24:15 by the power of the ACT OF YOUR OWN WILL to be PERSECUTED by the god/satan that causes YOU to glory, in YOUR shame *** In lusts/a lifestyle YOU were created to hate Proverbs 8:13-14 * to be ashamed of * CHRIST IS HOPE 1 John 4:1-6 unto LOVE 1 John 4:7 * 1 Corinthians 13 ***

START YOUR RECOVERY NOW by confessing/believing 2 John 7 *** YOU KNOW NOW * what it is like to be A FOOL/love darkness John 3:19 ***

NOW WILL YOU KNOW what it is like to be A WISE PERSON
Deuteronomy 30:19-20 *** Wash YOURSELF in the NEW TESTAMENT * King James version at this website ***

SEE YOU IN HEAVEN/life everlasting with CHRIST * If YOU DO THE WORD OF GOD to make it? *

THE BLASPHEME OF ADOPTION is for homosexuals/two or more males OR two or more females to foster parent a child or children *** The CHILD can/will only become a victim and participant of/within YOUR OWN WRONG/EVIL DOINGS *** An earthly/carnal mind does NOT A SPIRITUAL MIND make Romans 8:6 ***
But is a/the breeding ground for further litigations/UNLAWFUL activities *** ENDLESS CORUPTION * and is satan's OWN BLASPHEME against YOU *** He/ the devil/satan is a LIAR and will cause YOU with YOUR OWN ACTIONS to bring about his lies *** He was a LIAR in heaven * he and one third of the angels were CAST DOWN to earth ***

That's where YOU come in * they need some place to dwell / it's called being possessed - look up possessed in your dictionary * LEARN about it * READ THE WORD OF GOD *** The devil/that old serpent also LIED to Eve * anything less than the WHOLE TRUTH IS ALWAYS A LIE ***
Set on fire of HELL and leads to more ungodliness/EVIL DOINGS ***

Before ANYTHING was

In the beginning GOD created man * and said * let US create man a helpmate/woman ***HE/GOD did not SPEAK into existence another man * but from man HE/GOD created WOMAN/a being that would/could bear children ***
Yes * in the same order as all of nature * to produce LIKE kind *** Birds do not MATE with fish * cattle do not MATE with horses * neither can a man MATE with another man * nor a woman MATE with another woman ***
In point of FACT * it is Impossible for nature to reproduce female to female or male to male ** neither does a man have ANY of the characteristics of a WOMAN TO MOTHER A CHILD * nor does any woman/have been created with fatherly qualities *** Luke 12:23-25 ***

YOU may change the laws of man OR make new ones to conform to the works of evil/the devil * doers of his ways ***
But YOU cannot change the law of nature NOR can YOU change/add to the LAW OF GOD/CHRIST *** Hell has already ENLARGED HERSELF to receive evildoers/the UNLEARNED Isaiah 5:14 ***
Just because medical and mental science and social science/man's laws SIN/BLASPHEME with YOU against the nature and creation of ALL THINGS * does NOT EXCUSE YOU for being WRONG/wrong doings Romans 1:20 ***

COME ON * YOU gotta be in there somewhere * The integrity of NATURE/created ORDER OF ALL THINGS are helping YOU * NOT TO LIE AGAINST THE TRUTH Romans 1:18-32/the way things should be IN YOUR OWN LIFE ***

/ / /


Defilements WITHIN men/male and female alike to DECIEVE/kill * steal * destroy YOU/born in sin/the flesh ***

*** UNLESS ***

YOU CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST/THE WORD has come in the flesh 2 John 7 * 3 John 11 * Romans 10:8-11 *** AND MORTIFY the deeds Romans 8:13 * of the flesh/sin Galatians 5:17-26 ***
The SEED is sown Mark 4:1-25 ***

SO/CONVERT Yourself John 14:6

GOD THE FATHER * Who is love/light/and SPIRIT has a duty to HONOUR THE SON/the new testament/SPIRIT OF HIS SON ***
To strive with YOU * THAT YOU might be saved *** But * HIS SPIRIT will not always strive with YOU *** So * BE QUICK TO BELIEVE *** BE READY for THE/YOUR JUDGEMENT *** Convert YOURSELF * use tract 14 page 6 ***

YES/Hebrews 11:6

THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD has intervened for YOU/gay AND lesbian/homosexual relations/behavior between females ***
That YOU might love LIGHT/THE TRUTH * To receive the SPIRIT KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORD OF GOD/loosing the bands of wickedness * undoing heavy burdens letting YOU oppressed to go free * breaking every yoke ***
YES * the recovery of YOUR mind and emotions/feelings unto power * love * and a sound mind ***
To take the spirit of the fear of the world/flesh out of YOU *** 1 John 4:14-18 ***

YES James 4

The ONLY GOD of TRUTH * who hates evil/sin can still today/NOW * have/give love * HIS love against the power of the prince of the air/the devil ***
The POWER OF HIS WORD/HIS SPIRIT has/is intervening for YOU ***
SPOKEN unto/into the powers seducing * enticing powers of the great whore/mother of harlots and abominations of this earth * principalities and power/rulers of the darkness of this world/and spiritual wickedness in high places *** FOR YOUR DELIVERANCE *** For YOU to become sanctified in TRUTH John 17:17 and Sanctified through the SPIRIT 1 Peter 1:2 ***

YES 2 Timothy 2:15-256

YOU captives of the lesbian and gay SENSUAL Community *** By the POWER OF YOUR WILL to be converted/CHANGE * resisting the devil/evil doings ***
I GIVE YOU MY POWER * writing upon the tables of YOUR heart and the tables of your mind. MY statues *** And by MY SPIRIT/SPIRIT led I /GOD shall cause YOU to walk in my statues ***

YOU shall hate/Proverbs 8:13-14 * the physical and spiritual demonic acts you have done in YOUR body *** AND I shall cleans YOU of YOUR unrighteousness/SINS and I/GOD will hide YOUR sins in the depths of the sea ***

SEE/understand Titus 2:11-13

ALL are born in sin/DARKNESS * brutish/a stoney heart Romans 8:18-20 *** Born-in-sin/the flesh * demon spirits have free access to go after YOU *** To kill * steal * and destroy YOU * the more evil deeds YOU DO the more they/the devil * demon spirits CONTROL YOU ***
After YOU confess CHRIST has come in the flesh and confess CHRIST JESUS is the only SON OF GOD/THE FATHER Romans 10:8-12 *** HE takes out the stoney heart and GIVE INTO YOU a heart of flesh/born of HIS SPIRIT ***

Passed sins/the old sin life is remitted * and gives HIS angles charge over YOU *** Yes * even makes them ministering spirits * to AID YOU in growing up in HIS grace *** Amen * to have the LIFE OF LIGHT * LOVE * and SPIRIT *** To no longer walk in darkness and no longer to be ALONE * but SPIRIT led hearing from above * A CHILD OF LIGHT/GOD ***

YES John 8:32

Saith THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD * even YOU know/realize * YOU have been snared by the devil/the great deceiver Galatians 5:17-26 *** YOU have been taken captive with darkness looming OVER YOUR MIND ***

The spirits of DEATH seized YOUR WILL Psalms 55:15 * Changing the natural use of a woman * defiling/Mark 7:20-23 YOUR own self and defiling YOUR self with others Roman 1:18-32 ***

YES Ephesians 2:1-10

Today/'NOW I GIVE unto YOU * Power to overcome/KNOWLEDGE in reference of evangelical tracts of Vicki * Samuel * or Patrik/testimonies in the lives of others WHO COME TO ME/asking * for MY HELP/MY POWER over demon spirits THEY acquired * BEING EVIL ***

So * Blessed ASSURANCE

By the act of YOUR WILL/YOUR POWER to resist the devil/evil * I GIVE YOU MY POWER saith THE LORD *** For YOU to escape YOUR captivity Romans 8:13 * and to be SAVED IN ME saith THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD enduring unto the end Revelations 12:11 ***
Santified John 17:17/1 Peter 1:2 *** TAKE UP MY YOKE * BE LEARNED IN ME * greater is HE/ME that is in YOU than he that is in the world 1 John 4:4 *** YOU shall have MY HOLY UNCTION IN YOU * and YOU shall know MY thoughts and MY ways Psalm 37 *** A Life-of-LIGHT * the refiners fire I GIVE UNTO YOU * Luke 13:1-5 **

YES/Sin shall have NO Dominion over you

YOU shall be a TESTIMONY OF ME/MY grace and truth * strengthened with MIGHT IN YOUR INNER man saith THE LORD OF HOST *** A testimony to the world/all flesh * MY grace is sufficient 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 *** Strength that YOU might live/have life/grace to reign THROUGH righteousness * HEARERS and DOERS of TRUTH and SPIRIT John 6:29-58 ***

The WISDOM from above
James 3 * excelleth folly *
Greater than light excelleth
darkness *** Ecclesiastes

IN LOVING MEMORY OF Faith Victoria Vincent

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