***SHOW ME THE FUTURE, coming together***

We believe in creative thinking beyond the classroom, EXTENDED EDUCATION for creative living to impact all youths of families with income of $12.50 per hour or less. Together solutions of YOUR choice put into actions will lift up the individual, families, and communities out of the shadows of despair. Resulting in objectivity, ability to cope, self confidence, positive social skills, loyalty, lower civil disturbances, and fewer victims. It is imperative to instill awareness of personal and civic responsibilities, opportunities for THEIR future, and duty to others.

***Begin at as early age as possible***

Permission for EXTENDED EDUCATION can be obtained from parents or guardians who are willing to COME TOGETHER a few hours each week.

An academic goal may be set to achieve a “B” average, or at least a “C+”, tutoring may be necessary.

“Stay Focused”

Destructive, or distractive, behavior of another person impacts you mentally, emotionally, physically, economically, socially, spiritually, etc. And when you allow yourself to live/fall prey to a poor/destructive lifestyle, YOU fail everyone else whether it be lying, stealing, cheating, domestic violence, killing, being abusive, brutish intruding into the lives of others. Or are willing to suffer abuse mentally, sexually, verbally, physically, economically, or otherwise.

Positive learning/change unto civil obedience will bring about well being, happiness, destroying hate, stop prejudice/partiality, bring better health, and prosperity for YOU and your neighbor. Being counted on not counted out, the common sense approach.

Law Enforcement Involvement

On duty law enforcement could promote and organize informative tours/field trips with schools/teachers to jury trials, jails, prisons, training academies, law enforcement centers, public safety, and an area of YOUR choice as to why/how the system must work. More informed youths to civil obedience may eliminate over-crowded jails, prisons, courts and save innocent victims from becoming victims.

Maybe youths could be informed weapons are for law enforcement agencies. Differences should be worked out thinking positive/objectively, like what are the end results of my actions. Instead of despair, constructive activities such as tours/field trips to campgrounds, fishing, even supervised hunting and gun safety could be taught, or YOUR outdoor ideal activity. Many youth DO NOT have parents for life experiences, YOU can help. Likely resources used or time spent in challenging the individual in well informed positive lifestyles would yield profound results, a well rounded individual. And lessens idle thinking, drugs, reckless driving, teen pregnancies, drinking, foolishness, too much video games, and such like.

The power to change youths could be counseling of the pitfalls of street life, crime, YOUR best approach, and the right to have rights IS; DO NOT CAUSE TROUBLE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

Still the best medicine for bad behavior/crime is prevention, well informed involved youths; preventing the suffering of the innocent victim. The explosion of disloyalty to self, family, neighbors, community has been devastating and is largely due to lack of EXTENDED EDUCATION outside the classroom. Please STOP CONFINEMENT; enroll youths to become involved in our civil society. The power to change, one life for good will change you too. The consequences of bad-miss-guided choices last a lifetime, their world messed up; and they will wonder the rest of their life, what happened to me!! And of course they will look for someone, or society to blame, because they were not taught, or lead to accept their very own responsibility to BE THEIR own world and to take care of business the right way. Interaction can be the eyes and ears of prevention.

Involving Firefighters, Paramedics

Could promote JR Youth firefighter and paramedic clubs. Learn positive community values giving assistance to those who need your services will be a wonderful thing. Bring up this new generation of public safety and security minded youths in this world skilled beyond the NOW, to meet and exceed/EXCELL to the future.

Maybe experiencing by touring senior centers, nursing homes, emergency rooms, auto accidents/junk yards of wrecked cars, or YOUR areas of concern. Hands on EXTENDED EDUCATION outside the classroom could be constructive for a caring, more thoughtful young person expecting to face tomorrow’s challenges.

A member of the JR Youth firefighter, paramedic club would not likely become a drive by shooter. Youths could be involved in creating a database of seniors, those disabled, fixed income, or other limited activities. Maybe they need someone to visit them/conversation, need a fan, only food for one or two meals per day, or other assistance, OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, are you answering? Unselfishness is without compensation, what are you thinking?

Youths should be exposed to food shelters, the homeless, and the seriousness of the misfortunes of others. Coming together, enlightened youths will likely desire to make it better. The homeless could be brought before a judge and sentenced to a life of community services. They want to work for food, then barter their livelihood for services rendered. Since they no longer can manage their own life for good, involvement for them will be A POSITIVE move for everyone.

An Authoritative Animal Control

May be animal control could enlist youths to do a pet survey of the town and county. More informed agencies are more prepared, than waiting for the problem. Data could be compiled for monitoring of all pets and counseling pet owners of their responsibilities to the law. New laws may need to be enacted for suitable control over care, overcrowding, vicious breeds, and YOUR constructive interest; No pet should be mistreated, and no person should need medical treatment due to any pet.

Pet control and adequate care could be taught by encouraging field trips to humane shelters, etc. Youths could work donation drives along with pet census.

Concern should be emphasized that the children do not go hungry, feeding too many pets. Yes, in our world children suffer malnutrition/literally starve to death because priorities/self interest can be wrong; hopefully not next door. The power to change things, a positive coming together is the duty of everyone, and requires corporation from every ONE.

***Health Concerns***

Covetousness with all greediness, WHO will reign it in. The medical profession/community should BE PROFESSIONAL, accessible/affordable to the public. Of all nations we should/could be compassionate in preventing the need for medication. Basic information/tracts at an open forum weekly or at least monthly with counseling, questions, and answers at location of choice; community center, school facility, hospital cafeteria, etc. should be provided free of charge/no fees, no charge *** like NO MONEY allowed/free services.

Prevention of medical problems is still the best medicine. Electrolyte or test for best results could be performed at least once a year and nutritional supplements accordingly should be recommended.

At the forefront of all good health is the intake of “low salt, low fat, and very low sugar consumption. And for OBESITY*** the best diet/correction to better health, IS CONTROL YOUR FOOD CONSUMPTION; and ADD nutritional supplements. ALWAYS the responsibility of the individual/YOU. Like drinking, EXCESS is deadly; so are self-induced drugs. Yes, even prescription drugs in excess can be deadly, CAUTION/at your own risk, always advised. The common sense approach to creative living, WAKE UP.

The power to change, please bring into action YOUR positive solutions for better nutrition and greater health. Guided tours of medical facilities and seminars could be held to introduce youths to be involved in the promotion and maintenance of good health. What is YOUR secret, best effort to be healthy; Yes, it requires positive thinking to get positive results.

***Mental Health***

Overwhelmed, delusional ***Only God/ Prayer of faith can help. Should we not try to the common sense approach? When we omit prayer from OUR VERY OWN HEART all hope is gone/desolate of solutions.

Lack of understanding (the ability to cope) is to deny discernment of the spirit (The Law page 2) (click here), testimony number 16 (click here)


Schools/teachers should focus on the INDIVIDUAL to bring every young person out of the SHADOWS of despair/rejection, not fitting in, non-acceptance, feeling different in negative ways. Every youth has the right to receive the respect and time.

necessary to become an ACHIEVER, having the loyalty of others knowing we will-do-it- together. Competition is for sports, motivation of will to succeed in life. And should not be accepted as part of the individual’s social behavior/fellowship with others.

School is the PLACE where one is supposed to develop social skills, how to become successful interacting with one another. RIVALRY, brutal tactics, bullying, school shootings, and accepting domestic violence are not intellectual positive thinking characteristics. They may be acts of hostility due to being shunned, OVER-LOOKED, or what do I do now. And no teacher should cross that line with a student.

What is YOUR best plan? We cannot hire someone else, a professional spotter, or open a new department. YOU are in charge, what are YOU thinking/your best effort to get positive results for a troubled teen, to get them passed their difficulty.

The power to change should not be to graduate a student with a passing grade, should it? May be to graduate one who has reached and exceeded their educational possibilities AND WILL BE A GOOD CITIZEN WITH POSITIVE GOALS TO EXCEL IN SOCIETY having overcome negative influences. No Youth should be the exception/that is one who succeeds in life, out of many who fail life; the exceptional still feels alone and develops values of not caring about others/wrong/wrong/wrong.

YOU have all the tools, academics, music/voice, athletic, vocations, etc. YOU should work with other agencies EXTENDING EDUCATION beyond the classroom. This is the life side (compassion) wanting others to succeed first. Youths involved, learning through working with city, county, and community agencies in projects, tours, field trips, back to nature guides, pitfall of a wrong lifestyle, consequences of street life and other wrong choices. A couple of hours each week will-do-it!

The POWER to change

Young people who participate could be fellowship, “getting-it-together” at evening meals of nutrition in your cafeteria, or location of choice, a food shelter, etc. In order for these events to be free of charge food could be acquired through food banks, food programs, businesses, and others who are willing to believe in this motivation of coming together for the greater good. This positive influence will impact you, youths, families, towns, communities, counties, and others forever.

The benefits for law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, you who are in city and county governments, seniors, nursing homes, animal shelters, the medical community, schools/teachers and others will be unsurpassed and can touch the world.

The targeted youths are to be of households with incomes of $12.50 per hour or less, others would be optional. YOUR best idea or opportunity to change a life. Food acquisition, preservation, handling, preparation, and serving should be supervised and taught. Kitchen duties could be rotated; firefighter – paramedics, law enforcement, school/teachers, animal control, medical community, men’s night, women’s night, maybe teen’s night with proper supervision, etc and everyone could clean up.

Any and all these events should be free, everyone’s investment for a better today/now and a better future for all. And any participation should be voluntary of agencies, personal, youths, parents, etc. No additional staff, departments, personal, etc. should be necessary. Thinking and working within what you already have is the key, coming together.

The return far outreaches the investment and could even is catastrophic. Who can measure these successes even in ONE YOUTH, ONE COMMUNITY?

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IN LOVING MEMORY OF Faith Victoria Vincent

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