***CANDLESTICK*Rev 2:4-5***
***GIVE LIGHT*Mt 5:14-16*Mk 4:14-21*Lk 8:16, 11:33-36***

I THE WORD * AM GOD * TRUE/TRUTH and SPIRIT *** To know ME * is to seek the TRUTH that I may give to Y*O*U * MY SPIRIT* **BY MY SPIRIT * saith the LORD * I AM THE TRUE VINE/LIGHT * which lights every man that comes into the world/born of the flesh *** That Y*O*U may seek/be drawn to ME/MY SPIRIT to have CANDLESTICK in/of ME/TRUE LIGHT *** SEEK ME/GET TO KNOW ME * that Y*O*U may know the things that are UNSEEN/Spiritman *** IN ME/THE WORD * the VILE IS LIFTED * IN ME/TRUE LIGHT there is no darkness *** BY MY SPIRIT *** groanings which cannot be uttered * THE PUREST KIND OF PRAYER/FELLOWSHIP shall Y*O*U know ME/MY ways and my thoughts ***
SEEK and know what spirit Y*O*U are of * No man of MY SPIRIT goes before ME * led in darkness *** But is led by MY SPIRIT/TRUE LIGHT with might and power over/against UNCLEAN spirits/principalities and powers * rulers of the darkness of this world * and spiritual wickedness in high places ***
I AM LIGHT * I give LIGHT TO MY SHEEP * the gates of hell/darkness shall not prevail against MY CHURCH/LIGHT of the world/LIGHT to ALL FLESH *** Y*O*U * who wait are SPIRIT LED * and I * POURING OUT OF MY SPIRIT * BY MY SPIRIT * shall glorify Y*O*U/MY CHURCH * BRIDE OF CHRIST ***
Y*O*U * BY MY SPIRIT shall discern/hear from above/heaven to do MY WORKS *** The WORKS which Y*O*U* Do * shall Y*O*U* see/discern MY/YOUR FATHER DO ***
With eyes of UNDERSTANDING/SEEING the things which are INVISIBLE/substance of the things hoped for * the evidence/HOLY UNCTION of things not seen *** Y*O*U walk not by sight * but by faith IN THE THINGS TO BE DONE IN EARTH of THE FATHER * in these LAST DAYS *** MY SPIRIT quickening Y*O*U* with power * quickening Y*O*U* what to say/do *** SUPERNATURAL POWER * POURING OUT OF MY SPIRIT in demonstration/demonstrating MY POWER and SPIRIT with wisdom unto substance * revelations/revealing WORKS destroying the works of the devil ***

JUDGEMENT///Purged 1 Cor. 12:7-11 * Wages 1 Cor. 12:27-31 Grace 2 Cor. 9:8 * To abound unto every good work/works of THE SPIRIT/MY SPIRIT unto perfection *** The glory/magnification of MY CHURCH/tabernacles is at hand * the kingdom of GOD/THE SPIRIT OF MY WORD is nigh/guickened in Y*O*U/candlesticks ***
Today/NOW*YOU shall glorify THE SON/bridegroom in these LAST DAYS in signs * wonders * divers miracles and in THE HOLY GHOST ***
Are you ashamed of the moving of MY SPIRIT *** How man/Y*O*U are moved/quickened at the pouring out of MY SPIRIT upon/within Y*O*U*R spirit ***
Be not carnal/flesh minded * awake unto the mind of the SPIRIT/ONENESS IN GOD * One SPIRIT IN Y*O*U*R heavenly FATHER ***
*** NOW IS COME ***
The TIME to prepare THE BRIDE/Y*O*U* her to be received unto THE CHRIST ***
POURING OUT OF MY SPIRIT I SHALL repent her/Y*O*U unto obiedence * humble in spirit *** I shall chasten her/Y*O*U unto perfection * holy in spirit *** I shall purge her/Y*O*U to abide in ME/MY SPIRIT * led by MY SPIRIT to destroy the works of the devil/satan too the saving of the SOUL * CONVERTED * covering the multitude of SINS ***
THE HOLY GHOST even as THE WORD * does bear fruit substance in/through Y*O*U/candlestick * laying up your treasures in heaven ***
By the ways and thoughts of the FATHER* By the will and good pleasure of the FATHER * to be done in earth *** Y*O*U/candlestick in THE HOLY GHOST/PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT shall glorify/magnify ME/THE ONLY TRUE LIGHT/SPIRIT *** To the SANCTIFICATION/PURIFYING * your conscience/flesh/CANDLESTICK denying yourself/YOU a living sacrifice *** purged from dead/carnal works * serving the living GOD in TRUTH and SPIRIT ***
Awake unto righteousness * SIN NOT * come to the knowledge/LIGHT OF GOD *** for everyone/Y*O*U that hath not * even that which Y*O*U* have shall be taken away from Y*O*U *** Y*O*U have been called unto GOOD WORKS BY MY SPIRIT * destroy the works of the devil/darkness *** Take on the Shield of Faith * justified in ME living by faith *** Wherewith Y*O*U are able to quench ALL the fiery darts of the wicked * from your mind ***
For GOD/THE WORD cast down Lucifer/Satan * beheld Satan/the devil fall from heaven as lightening/fast * he/Satan came down to make war against the remnant of GOD/believers in the WORD/LIGHT *** THE WORD/JESUS saw the sufferings/darkness of HIS PEOPLE/THE CHILDREN OF GOD *** And bowed the heavens and came down * stepped on all darkness/the devil *** Bruised Satan's head * taking all dominion/GAVE LIGHT in earth * by THE FAITH OF THE WORD OF GOD/JESUS THE CHRIST *** The LIGHT OF THE WORLD/all flesh *** The earth IS THE LORD'S * KNOWING/have LIGHT OF THE LORD * by MY SPIRIT *** POWER against Lucifer/Satan to NO LONGER BLIND THE MIND/YOUR MIND ***

Candlestick * endure chastisement * be Partakers of MY holiness/holiness of
MY WORDS *** words have meaning *

Candlestick * MY FATHER/your FATHER purgeth Y*O*U that Y*O*U* may bring forth more fruit *** words have meaning *** without ME/SPIRIT OF MY WORDS * Y*O*U can do nothing *
Candlestick * of my SPIRIT/the SPIRIT gives LIFE/LIGHT IN ME ***
I have made Y*O*U a LIGHT *** Supernatural brightness * Shine BOLDLY before the ungodly which glory in the things/flesh they should be ashamed ***
Shine * in ME/SPIRIT LIGHT/quickening rebuke of this wicked * LEWD/LECHEROUS generation *** The word of GOD is the POWER OF GOD * In Y*O*U* MY SPIRIT has stablished Y*O*U* in good works/fruit bearers * MY WORKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ***
MY SPIRIT bringing forth * Your righteousness in ME as THE LIGHT * and YOUR judgment/EVANGELISM in ME as the NOONDAY *** DIVERS MIRACLES *** MY SPIRIT had declared YOU/candlestick in ME shall have the UNJUST/heathen as YOUR inheritance/REWARDS having suffered with ME *** Having CEASED from sin ***

*** FOR AN INHERITANCE to my children you WICKED/ungodly/unjust shall be/ARE sorrowed after a godly sort to repentance *** And with great TRIBULATIONS/// * what EVER it takes to turn them/you from the power of Satan/darkness ***
Be QUICK to BELIEVE/receive MY LIGHT * Lest you continue in wars and fightings within yourself/your flesh * the WRATH OF GOD *** Make HASTE * turn from darkness/unlearned IN TOO THE LIGHT *** Spare yourself the continued WRATH OF GOD in this life * and in the life to come ***
Have PEACE with/of the PEACEMAKER/THE NEW TESTAMENT in MY BLOOD which was shed for the remission of SIN/YOUR SINS *** BY MY SPIRIT/MY SALVATION * of repentance/LIFE CHANGING * you shall glorify THE FATHER/YOUR FATHER which is in heaven *** MY FATHER * FATHER of all spirits ***
Blessed are Y*O*U that READS * HEARS * and KEEPS the things written in the words of his prophecy/THE WORD OF GOD * SPIRIT and LIFE IN GOD ***


OUT OF MY MOUTH * MY SPIRIT SPEAKS MY WORDS *** Men/you UNJUST shall tremble of fear * Seeing MY wrath COMING on the earth ***
Knowing you/children of darkness/the devil are worthy of DEATH ***
*** The DAYS OF VENGEANCE * Luke 21 ***
*** Do NOT resist * quench * or blaspheme MY SPIRIT ***

Evil men shall wax worse and worse * those CREATED to be destroyed *** The WICKED/UNREPENTANT shall be judged out of his/your own mouth *** The evil servant shall be appointed his/your portion with the hypocrites *** EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT ***
THE END shall come * the harvest shall come *** The field is this world/all flesh * the field/world * all flesh already is white unto harvest ** The harvest is the END of this world/ALL FLESH ***

OUT OF MY MOUTH * by the WORDS MY SPIRIT shall SPEAK * The ELEMENTS SHALL BURN/MELT *with fervent heat *** The whole earth shall MELT with fervent heat/destroyed by fire/purifying fire *** CLEANSING FIRE ***
ALL THINGS SEEN BURN * having been made by the WORD * having fulfilled its purpose in the WORD/creation of GOD ***

***AND ALL THINGS SHALL BE MADE NEW/PURE AGAIN *** The first shall be last/PURE AGAIN *** All things which shall EXIST * shall be LIGHT/PURE * SPIRIT IN MY SPIRIT ***
For * I AM PURE LIGHT * SPIRIT saith THE LORD *** CANDLESTICK/Y*O*U were made SPIRIT PURE/born again * the SPIRIT cannot sin * keep yourself/flesh PURE ***

I AM PURE LIGHT * SPIRIT LIGHT A RIVER OF LIGHT OF LOVE * DRAWING LIGHT *** To give LIGHT/vision to the simple/the EASILY INTELLIGIBLE *** The law/WORD OF THE LORD is perfect * to make perfect * converting the soul *** The testimony of the LORD is sure* making WISE THE SIMPLE/humble * single minded *** BE READY *** SEEK ME that out of MY SPIRIT * I might establish MY thoughts and MY ways in YOUR spirit * which is the candle of the LORD * That Y*O*U might have ME/MY LIGHT *


*** IN ME/SPIRIT * LIGHT OF LOVE the vile is lifted *** OF MY SPIRIT/HOLY UNCTION * WISDOM is the principal thing * love me to inherit substance
*** The SPIRIT gives LIFE * REVELATIONS/heavenly vision of faith * hearing from above easily intelligible I gave my heart to seek and search out WISDOM *** Then I saw * by inspiration of GOD that WISDOM excelleth darkness/folly ***
By REVELATIONS/QUICKENING SPIRIT * Y*O*U will be led by MY SPIRIT * seeing through a glass darkly * knowing/revelations in part ***
*** By these * that Y*O*U may be of use/used by GOD through faith *** To rightly divide the WORD OF TRUTH * illuminating the EYES OF UNDERSTANDING *** That Y*O*U might have understanding in all things/ability in GOD to Cope * By which Y*O*U will be able to keep your/be kept from the STRANGE WOMAN MOTHER OF HARLOTS and abominations of the earth *** Have CANDLESTICK IN ME * being not hearers only * but DOERS of TRUTH and SPIRIT in worship/service of THE FATHER *** Labor in the field ALREADY white unto the harvest ***
EXERCISE YOURSELF unto godliness with the THOUGHTS and WAY * TRUTH *LIFE/live in the SPIRIT *** Mortify the deeds of the flesh/world * and have life more abundantly *** Please GOD * Labor for the MEAT which perish not * Eat the WORD *** LIVE of TRUTH * suffer with ME/THE WORD unto good works *** Live FAITH * out of MY SPIRIT to strive not * to riot not * not to oppose governments *** Out of MY SPIRIT * to be lawful to man and ME/SPIRIT led *** wise as serpents * harmless as doves * out of MY SPIRIT to make MY WORD of no offence unto men *** POWER/LIGHT OF LOVE * A river of love * OVERFLOWING LOVE * rivers of life/PURE LOVE OF GOD * brother * neighbor * enemy and THE FAMILY *** That men may SEE your good works FAITH in ME * obedient doers of TRUTH * resisting sin/the devil * and glorify/magnify Y*O*U*R FATHER which is in heaven *** that men * foolish men * men who hate * unlearned men may SEE ME/MY ways * My thoughts in Y*O*U*R sufferings with ME/THE SPIRIT OF MY WORD * to be defrauded and to be wronged * and Y*O*U continue unto well doing *** In rebuke of evil men's ingnorance * that YOU are not your own * bought with a price/MY shed blood * power LIGHT to bridle Y*O*U*R OWN tongue * THAT I MAKE ALL THINGS PURE/PURIFIED Y*O*U unto ME/good works *** A WELL OF SALVATION ***

CANDLESTICK save yourself * AND them that will HEAR Y*O*U *** WORSHIP THE FATHER * honour the SON *** No man comes to the FATHER of spirits * but by the SON/SPIRIT * shed blood of JESUS of Nazareth * THE CHRIST *** I AM ALIVE EVERMORE * The WORD is pure * purify yourself/CANDLESTICK by MY SPIRIT of MY WORDS * obey *** The washing of water by THE WORD/ME *** Washing of regeneration and renewing of the HOLY GHOST/HOLY SPIRIT ***
Out of MY SPIRIT/SPIRIT OF TRUTH * Y*O*U shall know the TRUTH * and the TRUTH shall make Y*O*U free *** No longer carnal minded/double minded * all things become NEW *** No longer minding the things of the flesh * having POWER/LIGHT * Spiritually minded *** Candlestick * entangling yourself no longer with the affairs of this life * having life and peace that is in ME/paths direct by THE WORD OF GOD * the works of the devil/SIN * destroyed ***


That grace might reign through righteousness * GOD gave HIS SON to PAY your penalty of SIN/unbelief *** Born in sin * stubborn and stiff-necked * Yet GOD abounded all grace/HIS SON/JESUS gave/laid down HIS body for the WORLD/you *** HE/THE CHRIST shed * HIS blood to cover/remit your sin * bore your stripes that you might be healed ***
And you love darkness/PRIDE/sin more than LIGHT/forgiveness * to be born again *** Then MY blood/SPIRIT which was/is shed for you in the NEW TESTAMENT/WORD OF GOD shall judge you in the last day *** THIS THEN IS your CONDEMNATION that you love/covet darkness*/sin more than you love/seek my righteousness/LIGHT ***
BE SIMPLE/easily intelligible * be converted in TRUTH and SPIRIT * lest you condemned already condemn your own soul in hell * without candlestick in ME/MY FATHER ***
OUT OF MY SPIRIT * POURING out upon all flesh/men * that you may be pure *** Choose * TODAY/now * who/what you will serve/be servant too * fornication or sanctification * man/role models or GOD * darkness or MY LIGHT * the flesh/sin or MY SPIRIT *** Quench not MY SPIRIT * for MY SPIRIT will not always strive with you * be quick * be converted * convert thyself * be A CANDLESTICK IN ME/do TRUTH give LIGHT ***
Behold I come quickly and in MY HAND is LIFE and DEATH/able to destroy BOTH * body and soul *** Prepare to meet your god * as the god of destruction/flesh is ETERNAL DAMNATION *** All nations are nothing to ME/GOD * all flesh is as grass***
MY WORD/SPIRIT shall not return unto ME/THE FATHER of spirits void * but shall perform your destiny/your CHOICE ***
Believe on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST * and that HE/THE CHRIST died for the ungodly/you * and live by faith/just in CHRIST unto the end * an inheritance of SALVATION/life everlasting ***
Lest by your own will/stubborn and stiff-necked * because of unbelief/your unbelief * you make ME true to MY WORDS against you * And destroy your soul/spirit in eternal torment of hell fire because you refuse MY GRACE/MY SON ***
THE WORD is nigh you * even in your mouth * and in your heart * That is THE WORD of faith *** For GOD has dealt to every man/you a measure of faith * Confess with your mouth the LORD JESUS and believe in your heart *** make STRAIT the gate * make STRAIT the path of the SECOND COMING of the CHRIST to catch up HIS bride/the true church/TRUE TABERNATCLES OF GOD ***

***THAT which is SPIRIT * is SPIRIT
Your spirit HEARS/EARS which hear in your spirit *** MY SPIRIT SPEAKS/groanings which CANNOT be uttered of the/your flesh * that which is flesh is flesh *** GROANING/SPEAKING from above/heaven that which may be KNOW of ME/GOD *** The spirit of man/you * is the candle of the LORD *** The things which be of ME/MY Will to be DONE in earth/Spiritual things/invisible are clearly seen/UNDERSTOOD BY YOU * without excuse *** Exercise yourself/CANDLESTICK unto godliness/of godly sorrow * hate evil/pride * arrogance * evil way * the forward mouth *** I made you in my Image/CREATED you different than animals/BRUTISH *** I put in you a spirit of ME/THE LORD GOD * gave you a soul for fellowship/conscientious ***
Then man sinned * and through sin has knowledge of BOTH good and evil *** So* ME/GOD being LIGHT PURE * and you born in SIN/defilements * We have no fellowship ONE with the other ***
I LOVE man/you * which I CREATED *** But * you must be BORN AGAIN/PURE * SPIRIT to have CANDLESTICK in ME/THE ONLY LIVING GOD * Creator of all things by THE WORD/Alpha and Omega * the beginning of all things * and the ENDING of all things ***
Worship/serve GOD the creator * STOP serving the creature/sin nature * BRUTISH *** obey the NEW TESTAMENT/shed blood of MY SON/JESUS *** Prepare yourself for the END of the world/all flesh * the harvest shall come ***
Be you ready * BE A CANDLESTICK IN ME/SPIRIT PURE *** Keep yourself pure * LAMP full of oil * give LIGHT unto sanctification * endure unto the END that you suffer no condemnation *** NAME THE NAME OF THE LORD/power * love * and a sound mind *** Depart from iniquity * be full of oil/THE HOLY SPIRIT * Pray in the SPIRIT *** BE A CANDLESTICK/LAMP full of oil * children of LIGHT/MY SHEEP shall not be caught/caught up unaware * Watch and pray always that YOU may be counted worthy to escape all these things about to come upon the earth/man* and be able to stand before THE SON OF MAN/GOD upon HIS appearing in the sky *** His SECOND COMING *** THE END results being the TOTALITY OF GOD for you/your destiny ***


There is a falling away * The SEED sown fell * some in UNFRUITFUL ground/hearts *** There are wars and rumors of wars * and ALL NATIONS shall turn against ISRAEL before MY SECOND COMING *** I * THE CHRIST came the first time for sinners to repent/be converted *** MY second coming is first to receive MY SAINTS/the sanctified in MY FATHERS * TRUTH and SPIRIT/born again *** These will be Y*O*U who DID repent in the baptism of repentance * GRACE for the remission of SIN * Y*O*U who have eaten and drank THE WORD OF GOD/JESUS CHRIST IN Y*O*U ***
Then the judgment shall come * WATCH and BE READY *** PAY ATTENTION or at the END * be caught in A SNARE UNAWARE * LOST FOREVER *** ETERNAL TORMENT in hell fire ***


Predestinated in THE WORD OF GOD/THE ONLY LIVING * TRUE GOD says HE built it and HE will burn it up *** And a NEW heaven and a NEW earth SHALL BE * BEHOLD I THE ONLY LORD GOD make all things NEW/PURE again ***
IN ME/THE WORD OF GOD there is no uncleanness * My thoughts and MY ways are PURE *** The first earth make for man * the NEW earth for GOD/SPIRIT PURE ***
CANDLESTICK fear THE WORD * hate evil and keep MY commandments that Y*O*U live YOUR appointed/predetermined DAYS on earth ***
Cleanse yourself/CANDLESTICK * confessing and obeying in AGREEMENT with the WATER * The BLOOD * and the SPIRIT/* the POWER OF GOD against unclean spirits * over serpents * scorpions and ALL of the power of the enemy *** THE WORD OF GOD bearing witness of ITSELF and sent THE HOLY GHOST * performs the WORD/the WORKS and the WILL of GOD * The FATHER in things seen natural and in things unseen/spiritual *
MY NAME is called THE WORD OF GOD/The POWER OF GOD * perfect Y*O*U/candlestick in ME/the WORDS of MY FATHER *** Rightly dividing the WORD OF TRUTH * To receive MY POWER/the works of GOD/out of MY SPIRIT *** FROM ABOVE ***
Be PERFECT * EVEN as our FATHER which is in heaven * INNER MAN GIVE LIGHT *** Be strong and of good courage * build up yourself in THE HOLY GHOST *** CANDLESTICK shine forth the BRIGHTNESS of HIS GLORY * Shine forth BOLDNESS/LIGHT of HIS SPIRIT in season and out of season *** In the SPIRIT/Spontaneous * by an inherent force/INBORN by HIS SPIRIT to bear witness with ACTS *** That our/YOUR faith stand in demonstration of the POWER and SPIRIT of GOD *** GIVE LIGHT of HIS salvation * full proof * perfect the soul in HIS brightness *** Exhort/encourage * comfort * edify OUT of MY SPIRIT with love ***

Today/Now * a pure river of WATER OF LIFE *** Proceeding out of the throne of GOD and THE LAMB OF GOD *** We BOTH * come and make OUR abode with Y*O*U who will to believe/turn to the LIGHT *** And out of YOUR BELLY/candlestick shall flow rivers of living water ***

*** TRUST IN THE LORD * BY MY SPIRIT of RENEWAL/REVIVALIST * I POUR OUT upon all flesh/world/mankind/// Y*O*U to have/receive LIGHT seeing the unseen *** Temperance meekness * faith * goodness * gentleness * longsuffering * peace * joy * and love/FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT
By MY SPIRIT * THE WORD OF GOD * bears fruit/EVANGELISM *** The WORD/grace through FAITH is fulfilled before your eyes * in your ears * and in your heart with understanding *** Be evangelized/be an EVANGELIST for the works that I did shall Y*O*U do/see * fulfilled with wonder and amazement *** And greater than these shall Y*O*U do/see * by MY SPIRIT pouring out/TOUCHING the mind * body * and * spirit of all flesh/all men/you ***
Peradventure having given ALL GRACE/made sacrifice/FORGIVENESS for the sins of the world *** Pouring GRACE THROUGH FAITH out of MY SPIRIT * stirring/lifting up the spirit of man/candle of the LORD * that none should PERISH *** But * THAT ALL MEN/the ungodly * sorcerers * false prophets * false teachers * religionist * denominationist/SINNERS * the unrighteous *** May receive this out pouring/TIME * today to repent ***
Be reproved of SIN * of judgment * of righteousness by THE HOLY GHOST *** MY HOLY SPIRIT * that I sent/SEND to you now for change/be converted ***
By YOUR will bow every knee and let every tongue CONFESS * JESUS has come in the flesh to SAVE man/you before the END harvest *** After the harvest/the END* TOO LATE * Then the judgment which you have decided/heaven or hell *** Don't blame Satan/the Devil * that old dragon is doing his job * ON YOU IF YOU LET him *** He already knows his time is short * He already knows his destiny is the lake of fire and torment for ever ***
Have you decided? * Better be quick! Your time is now/short too *** MY SPIRIT prays for you * My angel's have charge over you * MY seven spirits of GOD are sent to minister to you * MY HOLY SPIRIT is sent to you to receive you *** DRAWING your spirit ***
But * MY SPIRIT shall not force your will to LOVE and come unto ME *** I/THE WORD am not a respector of persons *** and know this first * that no prophecy of THE WORD OF GOD/SCRIPTURE is of any private interpretation ***
You will not be able to say * but LORD if you had only strived/strived with me longer *** O' man/you are without excuse * MY HOLY SPIRIT has/IS ministering to you angel's as ministering spirits * MY seven spirits to turn you to the TRUTH/salvation * and to lead you in all TRUTH/overcoming the world/the flesh ***
If you had/will only TALK * asking/seeking/knocking with these that be of GOD/ME *** The invisible in faith and the visible to receive instructions ***
Instead of TALKING with the flesh/lust of the flesh * lust of the eyes * and the pride of life *** The ENEMY OF GOD is the friend of the flesh/world ***



I stretch forth MY HAND/counsel * MY finger to write upon the table of your mind and the table of your heart/good ground *** By MY SPIRIT Y*O*U Shall know/have unction MY thoughts and MY ways *** Drawing all men/Y*O*U* unto ME/LIGHT of knowledge ***
That Y*O*U may know/realize the TRUTH * OMNIPOTANT/POWER DRAWING all men/Y*O*U unto ME/THE WORD to make Y*O*U free *** Only MY TRUTH/POWER for all men/Y*O*U* to be free *** I THE WORD AM the way/ways of GOD * the TRUTH * and the LIFE *** IN ME/MY SHED BLOOD/SPIRIT * all guilt and shame of the SIN BURDEN is taken away *** The word of YOUR testimony***
IN ME/QUICKENING SPIRIT * Y*O*U shall have seeing EYES to see the unseen * hearing EARS to hear faith * an understanding HEART/no longer condemned *** So great salvation that is only in ME/SPIRIT/BORN * AGAIN/A NEW CREATURE ***
And Y*O*U* shall be MY DISCIPLE INDEED/have LIBERTY *** Your path DIRECTED by THE WORD OF GOD ***

*** OH *** COME ***

OH *** RECEIVE MY SPIRIT poured out for Y*O*U * Receive Y*O*U * THE HOLY GHOST * In ME your sins are remitted Rom 10:8-13 And Y*O*U* shall have CANDLESTICK IN ME/MY disciple a doer of TRUTH/LIGHT *** SPIRIT led Y*O*U shall not be ashamed * I AM TRUE/MY promise is TRUE *** OF MY SPIRIT Y*O*U Shall be FED FOOD/by MY SPIRIT which is CONVENIENT * Y*O*U shall have a testimony in ME/living faith *** Convenient for YOU ***

IN ME/TRUTH and SPIRIT of the WORD OF GOD dwells the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD bodily *** I AM THE WORD OF GOD anointed of MY FATHER with the HOLY GHOST and fire *** The HOLY GHOST came to glorify ME/bear witness of ME/THE SON OF GOD *** To recover the sight of the/you blind * open the ears of the/you deaf * the/you mute to speak * the/you lame to walk * the/you maimed to be made whole * the/you weak to receive strength/perfect strength ***
By MY SPIRIT nothing shall be impossible unto Y*O*U that believe in ME/POWER OF MY SPIRIT to bear witness * That I THE WORD OF GOD IS TRUE *** The same today * yesterday * and for EVER ***

Have faith in GOD/ME/THE WORD * having power on earth to forgive sin/make everything whole *** CLEANSED *** MY PROMISE IS TRUE *** Have faith in GOD/ME/THE WORD * And I will give unto Y*O*U the keys of the kingdom of HEAVEN *** GAVE Y*O*U Power against unclean spirits knowledge *** By MY SPIRIT * Pouring out *** CANDLESTICK I GIVE unto Y*O*U POWER/FAITH to tread on serpents and scorpions * and over ALL the power of the enemy/Devil *** That Y*O*U CANDLESTICK by ME/MY SPIRIT * might destroy the works of the devil/satan *** Make PURE ***

Who QUICKENETH all things *** The last Adam/JESUS CHRIST was made a QUICKENING SPIRIT ***
The WORD OF GOD/SPIRIT OF THE CHRIST IS QUICK and powerful * and sharper than any two-edged sword * piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit * and of the joint and marrow * and is a discerner of the thoughts and INTENTS of the heart ***
CANDLESTICK/Y*O*U hath HE/THE WORD of GOD * QUICKENED when YOU were DEAD in trespasses and in your sins ***
And CLEANSED us/Y*O*U from all unrighteousness/sin * no longer a sinner * but a NEW CREATURE/sanctified IN TRUTH and by SPIRIT * a saint/made perfect in CHRIST * HIS shed blood ***
QUICKENED * by HIS/THE SPIRIT * things UNSEEN unto life and life more abundantly ***

*** The POWER of the devil/SIN***

FLEE FORNICATION * Every sin/power of the enemy that a man does is without/outside the body *** But every man/male or female that committeth FORNICATION sinneth against his/her own body ***
If you sin * you have an ADVOCATE with the FATHER *** JESUS CHRIST the righteous * is your only propitiation for sin * to forgive ALL MANNER SIN EXCEPT you that blaspheme against MY SPIRIT/THE HOLY GHOST ***
If you sin/blaspheme against THE HOLY GHOST/the pouring out of MY SPIRIT * your damnation is HELL fire for EVER/eternity ***

*** DO NOT BE A FOOL * do not fool/be foolish with GOD/MY SPIRIT ***

*** Your advocate with the FATHER for salvation is JESUS CHRIST *** Shed blood *** Your advocate with the FATHER * healing all manner sickness is JESUS CHRIST *** Your advocate with the FATHER * the cure of all manner diseases is JESUS CHRIST
By HIS STRIPES you were healed *

But * you fearful * and unbelieving * and the abominable * and murders * and whoremongers * and sorcerers * and idolaters * and all liars * SHALL have your part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone *
Neither FORNICATORS * nor idolaters * nor adulterers * nor effeminate * nor abusers of themselves with mankind * nor thieves * nor covetous * nor drunkards * nor revilers * nor extortioners * SHALL inherit the kingdom of GOD *
You that committeth sin/unrighteousness is of the devil ***

GOD made reconciliation for you * by the death of HIS SON/JESUS CHRIST *** Joy in GOD through THE LORD JESUS CHRIST by whom you may receive ATONEMENT from sin/have peace with GOD/MY SPIRIT ***

*** AWAKE UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS that is in THE WORD OF GOD/SPIRIT OF CHRIST *** sin not * come now unto the knowledge/have vision in GOD * CONFESS 1John 4 *** I THE WORD AM GOD/SPIRIT * and whosoever comes unto THE FATHER through ME/THE WORD/holiness and peace of GOD *** MY TRUTH and MY SPIRIT SHALL give Y*O*U rest * Mt. 1 - Rev. 22 *** And shall quicken Y*O*U unto ME/MY SPIRIT makes FREE * gives LIFE ***

*** The SPIRIT OF THE LORD * Intervenes for you ***
Little children * look to the things of OTHERS * Phil. 2:1-5 ***If we/you walk in the LIGHT * we/you have fellowship one with another ***
And the blood of JESUS CHRIST * HIS SON cleanseth us/you from all sin/John
1-7 *** Restores/Mt. 6:33 * Luke 5:23 * you to prosper * and to be in health *** Having THIS LIFE that is in the WORD OF GOD/JESUS CHRIST Luke 12:31 ***

In a cloud/clouds *Rev. 1-7 *** And THIS IS THE WILL OF HIM THAT SENT ME * That every ONE which sees THE SON * and BELIEVES ON HIM/ME * may have everlasting life * John 6:40 ***

You/man will not see ME/THE CHRIST on TV * the internet * news media * nor such like ***
You SHALL see MY WORK/ME in all my creation * Heb. 12:25-29 *** And I SHALL destroy/shake all creation * you SHALL see MY WORKS in earth and in the sky *** LOOK UP * lift up your head * Luke 21: 25-28 ***

Now Y*O*U* THAT BELIEVE/have candlestick/GIVE LIGHT of ME * in ME/THE WORD * sowing to the SPIRIT * SHALL of the SPIRIT reap life everlasting***

IN MY FATHERS house are many Mansions/a mansion for Y*O*U *** I will come AGAIN * and receive Y*O*U unto MYSELF * John 14:2 *** Amen


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